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A New Shoot

The other day I had the pleasure of capturing the Brady kids' photos. It was a lot of fun. I know the kids from church, so there was already sort of a report there. I think it's really important to establish some sort of report before you start shooting - kids especially. Why should they smile for you if they don't even know you, if they aren't comfortable around you?

Well, fortunately we didn't have issues with that for the most part!

This family is so stinking photogenic. Honestly. Barely needed any direction, and the kids are just adorable. The two youngest kids were having a blast being little models - just jumped right into it.

There were quite a few times I hadn't been anticipating a particular photo opportunity, but the kids just struck the perfect little pose and I had to start snapping.

While we were shooting we talked about summertime, whether the kids were ready for back to school, what they liked doing together, and their plans for that night. They were such an easy going, charming family to shoot.

Even this kid, who needed a little prompting with silly words in order to smile!

We went to one of my favorite locations for photos, one you'll see a lot of in my work. And this photo below is my very favorite one - in a canopy of trees.

Such a fun time, and I can't wait to start shooting more kids and families!

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