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A Busy Week

Last week was a busy one! I loved it!

I'll start by showing you one of the family shoots I did. They were so easy-going to work with.

I loved their matching blue and yellow, as well. Such classic colors. They looked great.

I do wish I'd managed to get more photos of just the parents. I'll have to remember that for future shoots. Sometimes my head is crammed with ideas and some of them pan out and some of them don't. I try not to be disappointed in the moment when an idea is a bust. Anyway, I've got to learn to focus a bit more on what's needed in the shoot so I can get all the shots I need to - like more of the parents.

We got this lovely one at the park - they picked the exact location so we knew they'd like it - but Aaron, the dad is making a goofy face/hand...

What a goon! I still love it.

The kids are photogenic, but it was a task to get a genuine smile out of their oldest.

I think we managed!

Their daughter is super cute. She was posing and cheesing it up!

And I love this one:

She fell in love with the little stool I brought and didn't want to get off.

All in all a successful family shoot with a fun family. Can't ask for more.

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