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Sibling Photoshoot


Sibling Photoshoot FAQ’s


Who is included in a sibling photoshoot?

A sibling shoot is a more in depth shoot with all the kids in your immediate family.  The package includes up to 3 siblings, and you can add on siblings for $10 a piece.  See the "Packages" tab for more information.


What kind of pictures are included?

I’ll take a wide variety of pictures at the sibling shoot.  I’ll take individual and group shots, as well as posed and more candid photos.  The edited shots will include color and black and white.


Why are the sibling shoots only outdoors?

Well, the biggest reason is that the indoor space I have unfettered access to is very small.  In order to accommodate your group and let them run, play, have fun and truly be kids I like to shoot groups outdoors.  


Can you do outdoor sibling shoots in the winter?

Good question.  The most reasonable times for sibling shoots are in summer and fall, though spring can be nice as well.  Winter gets tricky. If you want to schedule a sibling shoot for winter, we’ll need a plan B that’s a decent-sized indoor space to fall back on if the weather is just too cold.


How cold is too cold for outdoor shoots?

Honestly, that’s generally up to you.  I really don’t like to make kids run around outside when it’s any colder than 30 degrees - so that’s usually my cut-off point.  


What are some nice locations for outdoor shoots?

See the “Locations” tab for ideas!  I’m very familiar with Oshkosh and have lots of ideas around here for nature, urban or industrial type backgrounds.  I am willing to travel to other locations as well, so if you’re from a different area and have ideas of where to go, I’m all ears!

I am willing to travel up to 40 miles outside of Oshkosh without travel compensation.  Travel compensation for any further miles is set at the federal norm, which right now is $0.54 - so I charge 50 cents per mile (after 40).


Where would we go if we need to “plan b” to an indoor location?

The best location would be one that you and the kids are familiar with, so your house if possible.  We could also do a church or community center, but we would need a few days notice to call around and secure a place.


What should my kids wear?

Whatever you want!  Photos look best when the kids are comfortable and can be themselves.  BUT, it’s also nice to color coordinate clothing - stick with a pallet of about 3 main colors and 1 or maybe 2 pops of color.  You can have different patterns throughout the clothing as long as they all stick to the same color pallet. Keep in mind that layering is a good idea because it adds texture and interest to the photos.  Add accessories for even more interest and detail. There are some fun color guides out there if you google “what to wear in family photos.”

My kid doesn’t like photos.  Will you still be able to take his picture?

While I can’t guarantee that I’ll get your kid to smile, I can guarantee quality shots that are natural and true to personality.  I do encourage the whole family to get in on the action and make funny faces and silly sounds behind me to try to get some natural laughs out of everyone.  There are a few other tricks I can try as well, and I like to play a lot during photoshoots since I think it loosens everyone up and creates more movement-oriented, friendly, natural shots.


Can we use props in our photos?

Generally sibling shots are just of the kids, but if you have some props that really make your family or sibling group unique, then sure, why not?  Say for instance you all like playing sports. Bring your favorite equipment along and we’ll try to incorporate it! If you want to provide something fun and interesting for your siblings, then just let me know.


**If you have any questions or concerns please email me:

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions too!

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