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Newborn & Maternity

Photoshoot FAQ's

Newborn Photoshoot FAQ’s


When should I schedule my newborn photos?

Typically newborn photos are done when baby is about 1-2 weeks old.  They are still very posable at that time, and sleep quite a lot which makes for some nice photos.  I can and will do newborn shoots up to a month old - but you can’t expect the exact same results from a shoot with an older infant.  The pictures will still be adorable, but not the same. I reccomend emailing or calling right after baby is born and scheduling a shoot at that time.


Where do you shoot newborns?

I prefer to do newborn photoshoots inside, so I’m not exposing delicate little ones to the elements.  I can do a styled shoot at my house or a lifestyle shoot at your house - it’s up to you.  

I am willing to travel up to 40 miles outside of Oshkosh without travel compensation.  Travel compensation for any further miles is set at the federal norm, which right now is $0.54 - so I charge 50 cents per mile (after 40).


What’s the difference between a styled shoot and a lifestyle shoot?

A styled shoot includes posed shots in front of a backdrop with props and outfits.  You can see the “Packages” document for more info on how many outfits and backdrops are included - and you can always add on to your package.  A lifestyle shoot involves me joining your family in your home for about 1-2 hours and capturing your day to day life. I can take photos of baby in his own crib, a few more posed shots in an area you prefer (like on your bed), and nice, comfy candids.


Why are styled shots done at your house?

Well, quite frankly, I don’t have a studio.  I want to protect baby from the outdoor elements (sun, wind, chill) so I like to be in a controlled environment.  Since I don’t have a studio, that means my house! I have portable heaters to keep baby warm, indirect lighting that won’t bother baby, and soft cushions for comfort.  


Will my partner and I be in the photos?

Yes, if you’d like!  If you’d rather just have baby, that’s ok too.


Will my other kids be in the shoot?

Only if you’d like to add on a sibling shot.  See the “Packages” page for more information on that.


Can my other kids come to the photoshoot with me?

I suggest only having them there if you’re adding on a sibling shot.  The newborn photoshoots can take quite a lot of time to make everything just right and siblings can get bored with the process.  Consider leaving them with a sitter or having someone else come along to engage with them if you do have to bring them.

Why are newborn shoots so long?  Do you really need 2-3 hours?

Yes, and sometimes more!  I know it seems like a really long time, but I want to make sure everything is just perfect for baby.  This might mean taking breaks in between poses, making sure baby gets fed at just the right times, and changing baby’s diaper.  I also need time to wrap baby in special wraps, change outfits, and pose baby just right. All of this takes time!


Do you have outfits or should I bring my own?

I have a few things to dress baby in - some crocheted outfits - along with several different baby wraps of different textures.  You can most certainly bring your own outfits along. In fact, I encourage you to bring your favorites! Keep in mind that the newborn package includes two outfits total, but if you’d like, you can always add on more outfit changes.  You can read more about that in the “Packages” page.


What about props?  Toys? Headbands? Hats?

Yep, I’ve got some of those too.  But, as I’ve said, I encourage you to bring your own!  Especially if you have an heirloom or an item with special meaning.  I’d be happy to incorporate as many of your individual, special items as I can.  This is your baby, and the shoot should be personalized for you!


Do I have to put my baby in a weird metal tub?

Ok, some people like the metal tub!  Others do not. If I suggest a shot and you think it’s corny, just tell me!  I will not be offended in the least. I don’t want to give you a bunch of photos you can’t stand just because you didn’t like one aspect of the shoot - so if there’s a basket, blanket, headband or hat you really hate, that’s totally ok.  Just let me know it’s not your taste!


**If you have any other questions or concerns, please email me!

I am here for you.  If you have ideas or suggestions for your newborn shoot, I’d love to hear them.  The mood, theme, feeling, etc, of the shoot should be up to you and I am here to try to capture that vision.

Maternity Photoshoot FAQ’s


What should I wear?

Absolutely anything that you feel comfortable and beautiful in.  These are your photos, and I want you to feel natural, comfy and radiant - just like the expectant mama you are!  


Do I have to wear shoes?

Nope.  Honestly, it’s your choice.  In some locations you may want shoes, so perhaps bring something along to slip on your feet just in case.  But really, this is totally up to you.


What if I want nearly nude maternity shots?

Again, this is totally up to you.  I would keep in mind the location when planning what to wear, though.  If you’d like to be outside for the majority of your shoot, you’ll probably want to be wearing something!  I can also come to your home and do a more intimate shoot, or we can add multiple locations to your shoot if you just can’t pick only one - see the “Packages” tab for more info on adding locations.


What are some good locations?

You can take a look at the “Locations” tab for ideas!  If you want a specific mood or theme for your shoot, please talk to me ahead of time and I might have some other ideas for locations that will fit your vision.  

I am willing to travel up to 40 miles outside of Oshkosh without travel compensation.  Travel compensation for any further miles is set at the federal norm, which right now is $0.54 - so I charge 50 cents per mile (after 40).


Do you do water maternity shoots?

I can if you want!  I’m open to just about anything, within reason.  If you want to get in the water and feel like a gorgeous siren, then by all means, let’s do it!  I do not, however, have the equipment to do underwater shoots - so though you would look incredible floating underwater, I just can’t manage that.


Can I bring my partner with me?

Your partner is welcome to come, and welcome to be in some of the shots if the two of you would like.


Can I bring my other kids?

If you have someone else on hand to wrangle the extra kiddos, then yes, of course!  Keep in mind that both you and I will be pretty occupied and won’t be able to devote our attention to keeping those kids safe, so you’ll definitely want your partner or a mother’s helper to be there.  If you’d like your other kids in your maternity photos, you can add-on some sibling shots for a very affordable price. See the info in the “Packages” tab.


**Please email me with any other questions you have.

I am totally open to ideas and suggestions as well. This is your maternity shoot and I want you to feel not only comfortable, but absolutely gorgeous!  This moment carrying this child will only happen once, it is special, spectacular and incredible. Let’s capture it in the perfect way YOU want to see happen.  Mood, theme, feeling, props, location people, I want you to be involved in the whole process and decide what’s right for your vision.

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