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Milestone & Senior Photoshoot


Milestone & Senior Photoshoot FAQ’s


What, exactly, is a milestone shoot?

A milestone shoot is designed with one person in mind to capture something special - usually 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months and 2 years.  Graduation portraits for seniors fall into this category as well. If there are other important dates for an individual that you want to remember, that would be included as well.  Think cake smash, baptism, confirmation, graduation from 5th grade, 8th grade or high school, quinceanera or any number of “firsts.”  


When is a good time to schedule a milestone shoot?

If your milestone shoot must be done on a specific day, i.e. it corresponds with a specific scheduled event, you’ll want to schedule at least a month in advance to secure the date.  If you’re able to be more lax about when the shoot takes place, you can schedule about two weeks before (just don’t expect a specific day to be available then). You want a milestone shoot to take place around the general time of the milestone, so within a few weeks of the special day/event.


What time of day do you do milestone shoots?

A milestone shoot has a lot of possibilities and variables.  If the shoot is outside, it’s a good idea to schedule for early morning (around 7 AM) or around sunset.  If the photoshoot is planned for an indoor location, any time is fine. Sometimes a milestone shoot can be added onto a different package, like “Event Photography” for a party.  If that is the case, I’ll shoot whenever the event takes place.


When should we plan on taking senior portraits?

Generally, the summer before senior year is the best time for senior photos.  You can schedule them into fall as well, but keep in mind that each high school has deadlines for when you have to submit senior photos to be considered for the yearbook.  


What if my senior has a specific spot in mind?  Do you travel for senior portraits?

Most definitely.  Your senior pictures should be special.  If you’ve got a spot that really makes you feel like “you” then we should definitely take photos there!  That could include the swimming pool if you’re a swimmer or diver, a baseball diamond if you play baseball, an auditorium or theatre if you act, a cabin if you hunt, or any number of special locations.  I travel up to 40 miles from Oshkosh with no travel compensation. Travel compensation for any further miles is set at the federal norm, which right now is $0.54 - so I charge 50 cents per mile.

Also keep in mind that if you need access to a specific location you will need to procure permission ahead of the photoshoot date.  If you need keys or someone to unlock the area, or a person to be present, that is your responsibility to work out with the venue. In some cases I will be able to help in this regard, but please talk with me ahead of time.

Do you include hobbies and props in senior pics?

Of course!  Any props that make you the unique, fun person you are should definitely be included.  Just let me know ahead of time what you have in mind. I might have some good ideas for locations that would work well, too!


**I want your milestone photoshoot to reflect your personality, so please let me know if you have other ideas or suggestions.  If you have any questions at all, please email me at

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