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Couples Photoshoot


Couples Photoshoot FAQ's


How far in advance should I schedule my photoshoot?

If you need a specific day and time, I encourage you to schedule at least a month in advance.  If you are a little more flexible with the exact day, you can schedule about 2 weeks out. If your anniversary photoshoot will coincide with an anniversary party, for example, you’ll want to make sure to schedule far enough in advance to secure the night/day of the party.


Will you travel to do our photoshoot?

Sure!  I am based in Oshkosh, but am willing to travel up to 40 miles without travel compensation.  Travel compensation for any further miles is set at the federal norm, which right now is $0.54 - so I charge 50 cents per mile.  


What are some nice locations?

You can check out the “locations” tab to see some places I love around Oshkosh.  If you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them! Scope out parks and outdoor rec areas in your neck of the woods if you’d like me to travel to you.


What should we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in!  Keep in mind that your patterns don’t need to match as long as your color pallet does.  Layers and accessories add a great depth, texture and detail to your photos. If you need more specific ideas, google “what to wear in family pictures” for help!


Do I need to worry about props?

Nope.  If you’d like, I have a few things we can work with.  But props aren’t strictly necessary, and it’s up to you if you want them or not.

Are couples photos only for engagement or anniversaries?

Nope!  Any special time you want to capture just the two of you is the perfect time for a couples shoot!  Empty nester shoot, family of two shoot, whatever the occasion, I'll capture it for you!

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